When can I stop wearing a hat?

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Hi everyone,

New here and I am 6 days post my second session as I'm writing this. I tried searching the forums for my questions but can't seem to find it, so trying my luck creating a new topic here.

On a regular basis, I say I'm outside (under the sun) between 10-30 minutes, be it walking to and from my car, or just walking to places. I've been wearing a hat every time I'm outside to protect my newly SMP'd scalp. My question is how many days after my last session can I stop wearing hats and just put SPF lotioins/moisutrizer on my scalp moving forward?

Thanks in advance!


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17 hours ago, JH1980 said:

I think they say 30 days

Appreciate the response. 

Based on the guidelines I read everywhere online, it does say to wait 30 days before going sunbathing, saunas, etc. But my question was more with regards to everyday normal exposure to sun. 


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