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Hi all, 

I am an ex hair transplant patient or victim, who had 4 bad treatments, which have left 4 bad scars on the back of my head (I would say hypertrophic type - pink and risen). I have not had any HTs for over 10 years and I do not plan to have any more.  The top of my head I'm fine with but I'm paranoid about these scars.  


I have kept my hair long and have tried many things to temporarily keep those scars hidden. I have been reading up on SMP and I think this can be a good solution to permanently cover this region, which I have to cover daily.

I live in Birmingham UK, and HIS Hair sounds like the most reputable clinic in my area. They recommended 2 sessions a week apart (with possibility of a third) after a month. 

A few things concern me. 

1. After asking, I have been told that the practitioner will indeed need to shave the area. This is a concern as I typically have the back long to conceal them. There’s a one week gap between Session 1 and Session 2 and I would like to avoid shaving on the first treatment if the scarring will be noticeable. I raised these concerns with the Client service team who have stated that if I wish to do it with longer hair, the consultant will make it work but ideally a shave during the second session would be beneficial. I think I will agree with this as I don't want the result to be compromised but after shaving the back, there's no going back. It will either look seamless or really noticeable and then I will have nothing to conceal it with. What do you think?
2. I thought the procedure is low risk but then I heard about the results being too light or even worse too dark, which requires painful laser removal and then your back to square one. I have been through painful hair transplant procedures (including corrections) and don't want a repeat of this. 

On average what % coverage can I expect from SMP and with what length?

Is it worth the risk? I have done a good job in hiding the scars and don't want to jeopardise this. 

Would love the thoughts from Practitioners as well as those who have scars and have had tried SMP to conceal them. 


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Smp isn’t a miracle cure for scars. Scars can be very unpredictable and some may not take the ink very well. 

I shaved my hair to a 1 and got smp into my scar. It didn’t cover very well so on the second session, again didn’t cover too well. The ink was fading into my scar. 

I left my hair a bit longer and he went darker which helped to some degree but it still wasn’t giving me enough concealment for my liking. 

I then shaved all my hair off and the ink was too dark. I had to have two laser sessions to get rid of the pigment. There are still some that remain.

I am now using bio oil to help and started derma rolling my scar. Will then get some more smp done. 

In total I had 4 sessions into my scar and it didn't work too well. Now my scar is on show to the world as I've shaved my hair off. 

I did have pictures and a thread but it's been deleted for some reason.   

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Front third was very thin and crown was gone. Used nanogen fibres and it looked fine. 

Now I've shaved it off it would take too long to grow out again so going for more SMP all over and in the scar again. 

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