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I need help please

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I'm 32 years old, and have a big ear to ear HT scar. I just would like to shave my hair definitely as many of us...

To improve my scar i already had one fraxel, and two beard BHT; before that when i had just 24 years old i already tried to shave and had a medium SMP treatment (not good result)...

There are 1,5 month i had another SMP session with another practician but it's too dark. I will make a laser tomorrow to erase this and rebegin with a clean scar. 

Could you please give me a very skilled practician with scar speciality ? I just want the best one and don't make another mistake.

I just want finish, i'm very very tired of this and depressed. 

I can travel in europe without problem. 

Thanks a lot scar brothers

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Hi Egg,

I live in Paris, but i don't find any scar case about HIS Paris. Do you have a practitioners in particular ? 

I really looking for the practitioner with the most scar experience, after two failed i just want the best.


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Hi Julio 

I’ve been told that there is 2 practitioners at Paris HIS and they have both been doing SMP for over 5 years. So you will most likely struggle to find many others with that much experience (which will 100% include scar coverage). 

I am sure an arranged phone call or consultation with them wouldn’t be an issue. 

Good luck 


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