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Smp just for camouflage FUE

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Hi there,

Thinking of getting smp but only to mask scars, will not being going onto the crown at all and will only do scar cover on the horse shoe area for a natural look. 


Any my thoughts on this? Is this realistic?


I am 25 and worried about how aging turns hair grey and my balding isn’t finished yet. I don’t want anything too drastic or to paint outside the lines of the scars at all. I hope that this will be my solution.

pics attached






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Yes this is definitely achievable, if you have the right practitioner who has experience in scar repair. I have had two linear scars blended in over 3 sessions (2 first year then a touch up 2 years later). I only had my scars covered and am not concerned about being bald on top. With a linear scar they had to fade/blend into the existing hair to get the look just right. I am 3 years into having the scar covered and am very happy with the results - not 100% invisible to me but no one has ever mentioned anything. After 2 years with shaved head and no hat I am to the point that even if it fades and becomes more visible it doesn't really bother me anymore - it was the mental hurdle I had to overcome to get my confidence back. My advice is research to find the right practitioner and only accept being done by them. Also try using a foil electric razor, the longer I let my stubble grow out the more noticeable the scar and the horseshoe looks.


Good luck.

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