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Smp moisturizing tanning and anti-shine

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Hi all! 

I've been a silent reader for the last half year and had my smp done meanwhile. I've discovered so many useful tips here on the forums that I thought the least I could do is contribute my own (product) experiences with moisturizing, shine and tanning so far.


I initially hoped I would come across that one product that would give the ultimate moisturizing plus antishine experience. You can imagine how that worked out. I started with Clinique Mattifying Oil control, which is unbelievably expensive and also a total waste of money for me. My next try was the Boots No7 anti shine which gave me much better results - I think I will continue using it and had no negative experiences concerning the alcohol. Living in Austria it's a little difficult to get hands on it though. 

Anti shine

Although No7 kills a little shine I wasn't satisfied and after reading more here, I joined the religious circle of Peter Thomas Roth Antishine users. And like most religions, PTR likes to take notable amounts of money out of peoples pockets, but unlike other religions they do deliver pretty awesome results. I highly doubt that there is much out there that can compete with this. Still, the price is ridicoulus, so I will definitely keep an eye open for other products. 


Something I just started because I have a pretty pale head (no unfortunately there is no comma between pretty and pale) and wanted to get a healthier touch and also reduce the shine/reflection abilities a bit. I began with Jergens natural glow (the body lotion not the face lotion) which produces a pretty strong smell on my skin and also gives me a slight yellowish touch - especially areas like the sides, where the shaved hair is still full have this problem. Same goes for "Dove Summer revived" body lotion, although for me it has a nicer feeling and smell and is also cheaper. NOTE Most people use both tanners without any of these issues so you really have to try it out for your skin type! I am currently trying the St. Tropez gradual tan face cream for light/medium, which is completely overpriced but gives me a more balanced colour and hardly any smell. My next try will be one of the Academie Bronz'Express products I think. For the summer I plan on using a sunscreen with self tanner for the smp areas so any advice on that would be great! 

Any questions, suggestions and opinions welcome! 

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a little update here,

 - for moisturizing I currently use "Harry's daily face lotion", which offers a spf15 and seems (in combination with PTR) very, very promising in terms of whole day ant-shine/sweat performance. Still investigating though.

- For self tanning I switched to mousse or foam, whatever you wanna call it, which (for me) works so much better than creme or lotion, especially on the stubble areas of the head. I use "St. Tropez Classic mousse", but I guess you can also use cheaper brands, but definitely try out a mousse version!


Notifier:  I stopped caring about wether or not such products contain alcohol (I'm sure the mousse does), I havent noticed any effects so far and firmly believe that such effects will remain insignificant. But if you do care, be hereby warned.



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