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Hi guys im 2 weeks post 2nd session and all be it a little fading and a tweak here or there im really happy with my smp. But i cant get rid of these spots. I used my philips oneblade which didnt work and the last two times ive used shaving foam and a razor. Although i love the feel of the fresh clean shaven head the spots that i get with it is getting me down. 

Please guys any advice on this. 

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Hey there 

Wet shaving can cause spots especially if your new to it and the skin isn’t familiar with it yet. 

Spots can be caused by oily skin too.

My advice is stop wet shaving right away, a cheap Remington R95 used gently does a great job. And to stay on top of an oily scalp there isn’t much better than nizoral shampoo. 

Give them a whirl and I’m positive you will be back in control. 


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