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My SMP experience in Birmingham with Ranbir and Ian

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I had my 3rd session in December in Birmingham with Ranbir and Ian.
I wish I had the before pictures but the practitioner who carried out my 1st and 2nd session treatment is no longer working for the company. 

My 3rd treatment has now settled.
These are my treatments so far:
12.02.2018  1 session 
19.02.2018  2 session 
13.12.2018  3 session 

I was very nervous before my first session because I was afraid that the SMP would not look real. That fear went away at my first meeting in the clinic when I met a staff member who had done the treatment and it looked so good that if he had not told me that he had done SMP then I would not have known. Even when looking up close I could not see the border separating his own hair and the SMP. 
And now I feel lucky to be in the same situation. I'm very happy with the result.
I love swimming , and I've heard that this can make it fade , but I'll just try it and if it fades then I'll take a refresh later in 2019. 
However after your SMP I've heard that you should wait at least one month before entering a swimming pool. I think it's the chlorine that can be bad for the color. 
Thanks to Ranbir and Ian for being cutting-edge professional
20181223_224222 - Edited.jpg

20181223_224237 - Edited.jpg

20181223_224300 - Edited.jpg

20181221_233148 - Edited (1).jpg


20181223_224448 - Edited (1).jpg

20181223_224454 - Edited (1).jpg

hair Edited (3).jpg

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Had my consulation with Ian via skype on Friday and it seems that he & Ranbir are still hands on to some extent. I'm still not sure how to know which practioner to ask for and as a result I'm thinking maybe the best/safest option would be to book in with Ian or Ranbir?

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