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7 Years since my first treatment - Update

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Hi Guys, I've been a HISHAIR client since 2012.  Initially got my first and second treatment in June 2012, and third in Oct 2013. So it's been about 6 years since my 3rd visit.  My treatment has faded quiet alot but I've learned to deal with it and it seem to be holding for the most part with some really bad patches of fading than the others.  Even with the fading though, would I do it again? Probably.  My expectations are just more realistic these days. No one really questions me about it either.  Anyway, I just wanted to update you all with some photos since it's been awhile since I've chimed in here.  I'm thinking of a 4th treatment soon but wanting to see what you guys thought.

Here are photo's a day after my 3rd treatment:




Here are photos from June 2014 after some really bad sun spotting. It eventually recovered though and my skin pigmentation returned.  I highly recommend not spending hours in the sun at a time.



Here are photo's from today Dec 2018



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Hi DrDre, I'm a newbie on this forum, but my humble opinion is the faded smp's do not look bad at all.  If anything, it may lend itself to natural aging of the scalp.  You may be more concerned because you are likely a young man, and it is a personal opinion of course.  Thanks for your posts.

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