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Done SMP ,Crown not blended as good with hair. NOT done by His

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Hello guys,

I have done my 3rd session recently about 3 weeks ago elsewhere and not by hishair and not really happy with some of the details ,just wondering some of you with more experience could shed some light.

I tried to post some pics ,but seems it against the rules of forum ,so I am going to explain.
I was Norwood 7 , and treatment was done 3 weeks ago ,however I have problem finding best solution to cover the crown and it is not blended very good or maybe I am too sensitive and it is what it is ?
Since you cannot see the pics , you can not judge , but can you please tell me how good the border between your SMP and real hair looks like when looking in the mirror( at the BACK of head specifically) ? is it very noticeable by your eyes ? slightly noticeable ?
I am not sure what is the problem ,the SMP ,the way I shave ? or density ?

For shaving , I have tried a 8000 braun foil shaver (10years old) whichI used to use for shaving beard but since it's gets all hair to the skin, the result was awful and disconnected, so I tried this Philips clipper  and with this one I get as short as 0.5 . for the front look it's perfect ,, but problem is on the crown.

I can not find any way to solve that . I have booked another session for assessment but if not getting best solution from there ,I am happy to reconsider other options .
Regarding the shaver , is there anything in the market ,that gets shorted than 0.5 (to the dots) , but not getting to the skin ? do you think maybe that could help ? 
How some of you wet shave or use rotary and get to the skin , but don't get disconnected from SMP dots ?

Appreciate all the help guys ,


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Hi, can you post your pics?

As for the shaver I have used this rotary shaver for 10 months now and I would recommend it.


I would wait at least one month more to see how it settles. I was in the same situation as you after my 2nd session but then after about one month the smp looked perfect, and after about 3 months it had faded a bit and I could see that I would need another session to make it perfect again. I think it's individual how the smp settles, and how long it takes.

Here are my pics one week after the 3rd session. I'm gonna wait a couple of months and see how it's settled. I'm very happy with how it looks right now






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