Light brown hair and unevenly greying

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Yes you are correct with regard to my situation (albeit it's miles better in most lighting conditions than that last picture, which took me numerous attempts to even capture successfully on a photo).But I'd imagine someone with more hair would get away with longer, possibly much longer, delays between shaving.

I think ideally I would want to be shaving every morning instead of every night. But that ain't happening with my current lifestyle, since I leave home very early in the morning to get into work. And as you say who will actually notice......

By the way I've had HIS take a look at some of the above pics and when I finally got a reply the advice was that (aside from the worst lighting pic above) it looks very natural and they concurred with my concern re 'over-SMPing'. So agreement is no more sessions at this time. I'll check back in here if there's anything significant to report, but hopefully it will hold up as-is for a longggggggg time.......

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