Post 2nd session...looks a little thick and patchy

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Hey guys, I got my 2nd session done 4 days ago now, and originally I loved it (still do), but I'm starting to notice it has these spots that aren't as 'full' or dark as others. Is this normal? Is this just the skin exfoliating itself and showing the true faded colour of the SMP? I have another procedure in a few days on the 7th day after session 2.


here it is 2 days after session 2 in the first pic


and here it is now after my first shower (sides are grown in more obviously and more work on the back needs to be done, but if you notice, it's a bit patchy after the shower).


Any help would be great! I want a softer hairline, so I hope it'll fade out a bit. 


session 2.jpg


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Hey man, looks like the natural exfoliation process.

Having gone through this myself, the first couple days look awesome and textured because of the inky-scabs. Then those scabs fall off and the treatment looks a lot lighter than you expect it to be. Then you shave the sides down as close as possible and realize the color is a pretty good match, but you can always add some darker pigment on top for the 3D effect.

Did everything work out okay?

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I have not had SMP yet but it looks pretty good to me.  I thought HIS doesn’t have clinics in USA anymore where did you get it done? I gave up I could hardly get anyone to respond and when I did they only wanted to Skype. I would want to see someone in person. 

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