Redness where real hair is only

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Does anybody know why i only have this reddish/pinkish color in parts of my head where i still have hair which is mainly the back and sides.  The rest of it is grayish/white where there is only smp and no hair left.  I wore a hair system for about 10 years i am wondering if that has anything to do with it.  I dont know if this redness was there prior to smp because as soon as i took the system off and shaved i had smp done a few days later.  I had 3 sessions done (full head treatment) over 4 months but redness is still there only in places of where i have hair left.  So there is a slight contrast between the top and sides and back.  It makes the horseshoe stand out because of the color contrast.  I havent tried to get a tan yet or use any self tanning products as it hasnt been 30 days since my 3rd session yet.  But does anyone know how to get rid of this redness ?  It does not itch or hurt just looks pinkish red all the time.  Thank you.

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