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My daily pictures from start to finish!

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Hello again, So I decided to creat a new topic because the previous topic I made went a little off track.

Today.. is exactly 10 days after the first session. Still have 2 more sessions to go. My practitioner Is phenomenal, I heard great things about him, so I decided to travel out of the state I live in to get it done by him. He said he would try to finish it in 2 sessions since I fly each time, so flight tickets adds a lot to the cost.. but we will see how it goes.

Let me know your opinions. First 2 are before pictures. Then, session 1 pictures follow.. they’re were all taken right after the treatment, so you’ll see a little bit of a redness there.. 

I was expecting a more feathered hairline but he didn’t do it. Maybe he is going to do it in the second session?

Your reccomendations, advices, feedbacks would be greatly appreciated.

(More pictures will follow)






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Today is day 10 after the 1st session. This picture I posted was 3 days ago, it even faded more now..

My practitioner advised me to wait longer if I don’t care to finish soon so he can have a better judgement for the shades, density, blending, etc..

So I scheduled my second session on Aug 8th which is almost a one month between the 1st and 2nd seasions.

I might ask him to grab the hairline a little down. I am hoping he can creat a natural feathered look by adding one single layer versus the 2 layers in the rest of my head.



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On 7/17/2018 at 11:10 AM, PermanentVacation said:

How are you feeling about the procedure ? Do you think it will make a difference to confidence ? 

It looks great 

Thanks man.. TBH, I still have the apprehension because it's still session 1. I'm still wearing my hat when I go out.
My roommate had a chat with me about the energy bills and didn't suspect a thing or even looked to my new hairline. Probably because there was no drastic change?
Perhaps the 2nd session will impact my confidence more when I see a darker shade on my head and know that my horseshoe is totally disappeared. :) Stay tuned.

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