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Scalp problems

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Hi all,

I am wanting to get smp but have a real problem with my scalp. I keep getting re-occuring bumps on the back of my head. Some are similar to acne, some are like cysts... nowhere else, completely localised to the back of my head. It's been going on over two years now, and is getting worse. It's lucky to be clear probably 2 weeks since the end of last year. I've been to a dermatologist and they were no help unfortunately, and I've tried everything I could find on the net:

nizoral shampoo, selsun blue shampoo, head and shoulders, sls free shampoo, antibiotics, zinc supplements, vitamin d, b5, turmeric sups, changed sheets to bamboo, not wearing hats, washing my hair more, washing my hair less.

Sure it wouldn't be such a big deal except it I can't stand having thick hair on the sides and back but thin on the top, and the bumps are stopping me from getting a number zero. It feels hopeless, I am at my wits end and can no longer cope with this. 

Does anyone here have any suggestions? I feel like I've tried all the snake oil I could get my hands on and I'm all out of ideas.


many thanks,

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I can relate to the OP. I battled odd skin/scalp conditions since about 1994. A half-dozen top dermatologists in three countries gave me their boilerplate (repetitious) ‘topical’ ointment and hygiene bits of mindless advice. Needless to say, nothing ever worked. 

For the past several years, I’ve begun to study the root cause of these skin manifestations, including Omega-3 fats, “leaky gut”, weak immune systems, “nightshades”, inflammation, probiotics, etc.

I’m essentially recovered now. NO more cysts, NO more scalp psoriasis (ugly red, scaly, blistery outbreaks of the forehead and scalp), NO more torso rashes, etc. Now, I can fully exercise again, and sweat without provoking an instant skin reaction. Formerly, any exertion or even minimal heat/humidity would make my skin react so badly that I’d have to avoid being in public for weeks at a time. Now it’s been nearly two years that I’ve been **completely** symptom-free, with ZERO skin issues, and I’m back to living a 100% fully normal life.

Looking back, I believe that my immune system became crippled after an extended continual use of antibiotics in the mid-‘90s, and without the knowledge of how to then restore my ‘gut’ environment which regulates the immune system. The dermatologists failed to “look below the surface” or consider that my skin conditions were symptoms of a major underlying immunological issue.  

”Google” can be your best starting point. Be prepared to read, learn, experiment, and read some more. A lot more! I hit some dead-ends, and had to try various protocols, fill in many blanks, and be patient while my body was doing its ‘behind-the-scene’ healing. There are many pieces to the puzzle.

Hope this help you! Good luck.


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