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I had a hair transplant in New York about 13 years ago now. My supply wasn’t the best and I had low expectations. I had a strip scar and unfortunately left me with a scar. 

Over all tho I was happy with the outcome. The scar started to bother me years later so I got smp into it. It camroflaged it a bit and it better than what it was. 

I have now had 1 session of smp all over my head but under my existing hair. My crown is gone and front third is quite thin generally. The smp has made a nice difference. The plan was to start light and I had the option to shave everything off. I couldn’t do it but before I go back next week for my second session I can’t decide if I should just shave Down and be done with it. 


I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to meet me in London or Hertfordshire before Saturday 19th May so I can see what smp look like with a shaved head. I’ve seen one guy and it looks good. 

I know it’s short notice but I can’t decide what to go with. 

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Sorry to far away mate but SMP is best when shaved to the bone so just go for it , so easy to manage no worries about the wind and rain , great in the gym , just wash and go - just keep your head moisturised and in good condition , also if scar is visable folks will not think it is a h/t scar as you appear to have full head of hair - but bic'd to bone

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