Going to the gym after treatment

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Hi All, I new to the group, I am booked in at Manchester on the 26th of March, still very apprehensive but quite excited at the same time. Seen some great results ( Anth1987 ) and hopefully if i go ahead I will get the look I`m after.

I have a few questions if somebody can help me out, can you go to the gym after treatment and are you ok to go swimming, also on the consultation have they got an app which shows how your hair would look after treatment.

Thanks in advance

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The aftercare instructions recommend you moisturise frequently and avoid heavy exercise for 3 days after treatment, You should also avoid, for those first three days, showering your head.. and light showers for another 4/5 days after that. Swimming, saunas and steam rooms should be avoided for a month. Finally, you should keep your treatment out of direct sunlight for 28 days post treatment.

You will read threads on here where clients break some or all of these rules, sometimes with no ill effects. But you can cross a busy street with your eyes closed and survive, it doesn't make it sensible.

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