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Booked for tomorrow with His Hair. Current pics inside, how do you think this will turn out?

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More details: I still use my wide-blade Remington HC4250 with no guard. I think it's the best device on the market. Works perfectly for my SMP.

For the buzz cut, my SMP treatment may be a bit atypical though. I went with the pretty receded temples, which I'm extremely happy with. The SMP dots are almost entirely within/under my existing natural (though very thin) hairline. I still have 3D hair in the area, and the SMP just kind of mixes in and darkens the natural stuff. Works very well for 0-2, perhaps 3, days after shaving.

On days 3 or 4+ the illusion starts to break a bit. Just looks like "bad balding hair" though, rather than "weird tattoo skin condition" or anything like that. I just make sure to shave it ASAP.

The buzz cut might work less well on SMPs where the hairline has been dropped significantly. Or people who have a slick-bald head rather than the kind of diffuse thinning that I have. But for me and my SMP the buzz continues to be the best option, which is what I was doing prior to the SMP as well. 

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