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Famous Youtuber With Over 1 million Subscribers Posts Video About SMP

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Not to thrilled when influencers with big followings expose our little secret. Shit, I haven't even shared it with my family. 4 years in and the only time I've been called out was by my barber (still gotta trim the beard) and he thinks its awesome! My life has completely changed for the better since SMP. Confidence and feeling good about yourself is such a powerful asset for getting what you want in this world. But, is it inevitable that this revolution to hair loss will become mainstream? Luckily, at 23 years old I get less and less concerned and worried about people knowing about it as the days go by. I just wonder when the time is to be completely transparent about it. I would much rather be vulnerable and share it with everyone before it becomes mainstream and get called out for it by the masses.


It seems that this guy got his SMP in LA. Not sure if its hishairclinic, but I have a pretty good feeling it is. He mentions how great of a job they did and that they are the most well reviewed in the world. Unfortunately, he acted on an impulse and got more work done by a non professional and messed it up. In a way, I respect him for sharing that with millions of subscribers, but at the same time I don't want to get exposed lol,


Would love to hear input from you guys!


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I have watched this video..I have seen his channel a few times and he is annoying AF!  I have no clue how some of these YTers have so many subscribers make all this money ANYWAY I digress..  

I dont understand why when he had such a good result the first time why he went and had it done again..She really messed up his head :o absolute nightmare!  I have been following his series on this and he is on his 5th or 6th session to remove it..Like everyone says, look painful!

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