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Picosure removal

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Hey all,


Have had SMP for 5 years or so and decided to have the hairline removed since it was too defined/dark. Went with a company recommended by His clinic and just got done with session #2 of picosure laser removal about 1 week ago.


The area is still darker than my skin but im told it will fade in time.


Just wanted to see if anyone had experience with this and will it fade? Ive heard it could be hyperpigmentation.... which i also want to know if it can be removed if i go in for more picosure sessions.... or should i find a place that uses quanta.


Ill have to give it more weeks to see if itll fade but i doubt itll fade enough to match my skin color.





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Couldnt notice it checkingthisout?...I could see it across the room on my computer screen

Maybe ur computer screen doesnt have the proper contrast

It looks bad on mine

Too bad glipglop you didnt see any of my numerous posts about that PicoSure laser;S

You want the "Quanta Q plus C" laser!

Gentle on skin...but blasts the ink underneath

Youll have slight redness few days....then maaaybe some darker spots where the ink got blasted underneath

But all goes away in a few weeks...and then takes about 1-2 months for full results

Body will remove that blurred ink

I can tell by looking that your pics arent of ink pigments blasted under the skin....its the actual skin that has been hyperpigmented

Will it heal perfectly like it never happened??...not sure

Did ya do any research on youtube or google..before ur lasering?

I came across videos on youtube with the same thing you are dealing with now...and avoided that PicoSure completely

Its too aggressive and messes with ur skin

If ur white...youll get hyperpigmentation

If ur darker race...youll get hypopigmentation

Its gonna take a while for you to see what happens exactly

But avoid that laser for sure

If its not gone in 2 months time...go for a consultation elsewhere with that other laser...and see what they can do

Cause you can remove hyperpigmentation with the correct laser

So theres still hope for you my friend...just have to be patient unfortunetly...which can be very hard gong through something like this

Might have to try covering up with a lil make-up??

Or can you wear a hat at work?...for the time being...

And why did they go so low on ur forehead?...or was ur SMP that low...

Ive mentioned this laser stuff like 6-7 times at different topics...just for this try and help anyone with lasering needs...and to warn people

All I can say is I tried

Everyones gotta do their own research before ANY kind of procedure is done to them, no matter what it is

Please keep us updated in maybe 4-5 months??.....(2 month wait time now...and then 2 months after the proper laser)

Interested to see what will come out for you with that proper laser...hopefully itll be like it never happened

Also tan down the road after your proper laser will camoflauge any bits of hyperpigmention...iiiiiifffffff it isnt fully fully removed, right

Tan after its all said and done...after they tell you nothing more can be done basically...whatever that outcome is

Whether its removed 90+%...or just a lil bit...tanning will blend things too

Just a thought...trying to help

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I went to the clinic his hair referred me to

Here it is about a month out. A lot of waiting around to see how it turns out. Not sure of i should go back for another treatment or switch to a different laser.


I think it's more noticeable in person.


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I cant see your eyebrows...but thats how low ur hairline was??

Looks super low

Definitely another session or two needed..but with that other less harmful laser

Wish ya the best my friend...hope things workout for ya...itll just take a bunch of months of waiting, thats all, for full results

It might not be damage to the skin though, eh

NOT hyperpigmentation

Just super fine ink that was blasted into almost dust...know what I mean

Id still stay away from Picosure

Looking at the last pic...I think youll be totally fine with a minor setting high setting needed for that...and itll fully remove that super tiny hazy ink leftover

So think ur in luck!

That its not hyperpigmentation

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Can take up to 2 full months for full results...after a lasering

So hopefully in the next 4 weeks it ll sort itself out

I noticed the 2nd month things really start fading...not the first month

Waiting really sucks, eh, but time doesnt ever stop! So youll get there soon enough

It really does look like blasted ink under the just be happy its not ur skin

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well, here i am about 9 weeks after my 3rd treatment for removal (1st quanta, first 2 were picosure). feels like the closer i look at it, the less noticeable it is but if you look at it from a distance, it's way more prominent. my next laser removal session is in 2 weeks. 






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