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Hi guys.

I'm 26 now and trying to cover up my thining hair is getting to much now. Tried running propecia daily for 2 years but tempes are still receding and getting thinner on top by the month. So looking to take some steps a to boost my self confidence again !!!


Been doing a tonne of research into getting FUE transplant but cost is a big factor. Still

Young got lots to do before can throw that kind of cash away so looking at SMP.


My questions if you can help at all:


Anyone got SMP to make their hair seem thicker ?


Seen it's around £1-2k for treatment. Also seeing guys returning for 3-4 sessions. This included in your first quote? Massice thing that puts me or is me paying to fix something that wasn't right or not what I wanted.


Blending ? See lots of complains with blending and a few guys with dots literally on their head. Is this something that des happen or. Depends on individual and aftercare ?


Anyone suspected your is fake or unnatural in anyway ?


Attached an image of what I'd probably go for.


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your original quote is what you pay even if you need an extra session  (at least it is in the US) then you're under guarantee for a year.

I paid $4000 but I had minimal hair remaining. I've never been called out, just a few asking why I dont grow my hair lol

Then again 99% of a good treatment is down to having a good technician and mine was excellent.

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I wouldn't go cheap just for the sake of getting it done. I would want it done right. Just sceptical off the cost. I know it's not like a regular tattoo but $800 for a 2 hour session. With repeated appointments to get it fixed doesn't fill me with confidence.


Especially since I'm reading a lot of forums about a 4-5th session.

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You might be cheaper if you are a low norwood. If you are completely new to this then there are some things to consider

1. You will probably not get a nice buzz cut effect. Most to for a shaved head that looks like it had hair, rather than, say, a number buzz. The SMP replicates follicles not hair.

2. It isn't an instant fix, with multiple sessions being the norm, and healing time after where you are avoiding sweating ( no exercise) but probably wearing a hat .

3. The "guarantee" uses to be for unlimited sessions in the first year, but the reigned that in when people were going back every month to get it tweeked. I think it now oy covers fading issues.

4. It isn't cheap. They are competing in an expensive industry and pitch their prices accordingly.






£3K !!!! I'm hoping this was for your whole head from nothing to a nice buzz cut appearance ?

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