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Hello everyone,


I've been doing a lot of research on SMP over the last couple of weeks. I actually haven't shaved my head yet...TOMORROW! Wish me luck.


Anyway, I've seen a lot of amazing results that people have posted after 1/2/3 treatments. However I'm having a hard time finding results for people after they've had their 4-6 yr touch ups.


I understand that the ink's used in SMP don't spread/bleed as traditional tattoo inks, which was one of my original concerns.


However my question is, regarding the 4-6 year touch up process, it's seems unlikely that the SMP artist is going to perfectly align the new impressions with those that were made during the previous sessions.


Isn't this going to result in an overall faded gray layer of the scalp with new clearer / darker impressions over top?


I've seen some sketchy looking SMP results which look like there is an entire pigmented/grey layer to the scalp, which just looks like they've colored / painted their scalp and it looks very obvious unnatural especially on a caucasian.


Can anyone speak to this concern or point me to people who have had their 4-6 year touch up with equally great results and without this "painted on" layer look?


Thank you!

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I've seen pictures of him online, but there are no "detail" shots of what his head looks like up close. In some pictures it looks ok. However it looks odd in others, kinda like the greyish/dyed look I was referencing. Either way, the pictures available are not detailed enough to make an informed decision on.

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Oct 2011 I had this SMP done the first day HIS opened their office in NYC.


It's six years in. If I remember to put my sunblock on as I tan by the pool all the time,


Still holding strong. I highly recommend his and smp.


Transformative would be the word I'd use.


Life is very good.


If your in the tri state area and if you want to see how this looks or want to talk about anything six years in...feel free to contact me..


Always good to help a brother out who needs an question answered.

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The treatment is as good or as bad as your maintenance. Regarding Ian, I met him for my consultation and you have to keep in mind that his scalp has been a guinea pig for SMP for many years. My own hunch is that the more you keep going back and having more layers done, the greater the risk of the helmet look since while the dots don't actually merge, they do lose that crispness they have immediately post-treatment, and if your scalp is saturated with dots it will give a grey helmet look. I had all my treatments done 4 years ago and haven't been back. I haven't seen any merging or smudging because I still have some scalp visible. 


I'm not saying the treatment is perfect and I'm not 100% happy with my hairline but 4 years on it looks more or less the same as it did 2 months post treatment. I'm in the UK and either use a hat or sunscreen during the summer months.

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I just got my touch-up session done, and from what I can tell, and from speaking with the practitioner, they wouldn't touch up existing dots unless it's faded to the point where it's distorted and/or no longer visible.  

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new2smp...what ur talking about I think is when a person gets a few sessions with the same shade..and it all blends into a grey helmet

You want every session a different shade...unless its just a minor touch-up right

Ive seen that too

No distinct dots...just grey base layer thats totally blended in

Too many same shade dots side by side by side..all touching each other..all blended in

Thats no good;S

Must be 3D with multiple shades


But thats how it works...the original dots fade to grey base layer..then you get fresher dots on top

Its as if you already had 2 sessions done...and ur doing ur 3rd session basically

So its no different from the first time you got SMP done...just that you are like 2 sessions ahead already

You need that grey base layer...its super important

Or else youd look like someone took a felt-tipped pen to ur head

And no grey base in between the darker dots

There has to be grey in-between the dots..or else its too spotty

Pale white pasty scalp in-between darker distinct dots looks fu&ked up


Also depends on what the person looks like when they shave their head too

Do they have dots where their remaining hair is?

Some people after shaving their head cant see any hair follicles

So they need a lighter SMP grey treatment

They wont get away with distinct dots maybe??

Whether you have thick or thin hair matters

And dark or light

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