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Few questions about SMP

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Hi all, I am on the fence about SMP, almost leaning towards getting one. I am 33, almost completely bald and usually trim the horseshoe once a week. So its more or less the buzzed look which is why I think SMP might be a good choice.


I had a few questions that I did not find answered on the forum or elsewhere (apologies if it is and I did not research enough)


  • Regarding long term fading - I understand I would need touch ups when this happens, and that sounds okay. But I wanted to understand what happens if I didn't get one (or cant, say I'm broke or whatever, or I am older and feel I should embrace baldness and want to be carefree about daily shaving), would the SMP fade to a point where my head would look exactly like it was pre-SMP? I understand that it would be hard to say when this happens, but just want to know if thats what'll happen if I didn't do any touch ups at all
  • I have had dandruff on my scalp that I treat well by applying apple cider vinegar. Would I be able to do this after SMP? Would vinegar affect the ink in any way?
  • My horseshoe hair is not amazingly dense and thick so I don't trim too regularly. Whats the longest some one here has not shaved/trimmed before they break the illusion of SMP? I know this totally depends on individual hair growth, but just want to get a sense of what the max is.


Thanks a lot in advance for your insights.

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Thanks checkingthisout for the assurance and insights.


So is my understanding correct that laser removal is the only option to get it removed, even if I like it now and want it removed say 10 years later? So I assume some amount of it will remain after 10 years with no touch-ups.


I am specifically interested to know of any concerns about using vinegar through. it has worked for me better than shampoos and lotions.



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had mine done in 2011 and if I remember to use sunblock it's a good day.


This revive has 6 years under my belt and it still looks awesome.


When I decide to be entertaining I tell people that it's a tattoo and no one believes it.


Great service guys.


Two thumbs up from me.


Good luck moving forward

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So many questions, ha


Long term fading...

You might not want any touch-ups...cause itll look real natural at an older age...just let it slowly fade

And it wont fade away to pre-SMP..youll still have something covering ur bald areas

Maybe 50 yrs from might fade to nothing, ha



Id imagine it would sting like a bitch after each session...and would avoid it totally

Why take any chances

Vinegar is really good for cleaning things...and why fu&k with fresh ink in ur skin with that penetrating ur skin??

Your skin fully absorbs whatever you put onto that vinegar will be with the ink in those layers of skin

Why take the chance

Start foil shaving your head everyday...and your dandruff should clear up

It takes all the deadskin off great...and freshens ur scalp

Unless youre using harsh soaps/shampoos...or soaking ur head with lots of tap water (thats all chlorinated)

Thats why ur scalp has dandruff probably...too dried out

Put some oils on that dome!;P

Nighttime is hr or two before bed...then wipe most you dont oil up ur pillow case every night...and so its not all shiney during the day

And you want nice healthy skin before SMP for best results

Or else youre gonna be bleeding like a bit&h...and it can cause issues sometimes...pooling ink (big dots);S


And MAX hair length...

Basically stubble

Youre existing hair should be shaved smooth in every direction

Once stubble starts growing out (24 hrs usually)...its time to shave again

It is annoying, ha, but a must for not having that 3D stubble look

48 hrs MAX from a skinhead shave

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I'm 3/4 years in and my treatment still looks brilliant. I have seborrhoeic dermatitis (scalp eczema/dandruff) - hence the username - and the condition has MASSIVELY improved ever since I had SMP done, because it forces me to shave down to the bone every day or every other day. If I leave it just a day longer my dandruff, pimples and grease has a party on my scalp. Shaving regularly is the answer (at least it was for me).

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