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Andra Dascalu is awesome. Birmingham smp treatment

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thought it was about time that I shared how things we went for me with my smp.

I had my first session In 2014 after a search on the web and found Hishair to have the best service after trolling all their posts on their forum. I booked my appointment and headed for Birmingham.

I was super nervous. Iv always been pretty easy going but you just have to man up And think of the results.

I have to admit apart from the the Bith of my children this has to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself lol . I had 2 original sessions and a small alterations in 2014 .


I only told my wife and a close friend. Nobody has said boo to me about it. It's such an amazing treatment. Such a confidence boost.


After a few years I went back for a refresh which was in April past. I had a touch up with Andra who is a magician of smp. Such a talented girl and genuine at that. She loves what she does and made me feel totally at ease. My advise would be listen to what she says. She knows and will do what's best for you and your skin type.


Thanks to HIS Birmingham for all the support and help.

And thanks to Andra dascalu And for her emails after my treatment to check up on me :)



I don't have any old photos and probably should ask his to send me some so I can post a before and after but you can imagine having 2 cul de sacs at each temple lol. The below photos are 3months after my treatment with Andra.


Thank you Andra you are awesome and his Birmingham.






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