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SHINE KILLER!! ++ for scars too

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Hey Guys,

everywhere I look , I see guys are really concerned about shine.

I've had SMP myself, and no, Im not an expert, just wanted to share my 2 cents here


I've tried several recommendations , like milk of magnesia, OTC matting creams, etc, looking for matting and antishine agents for SCALP or for guys. Nothing really  there.


then i looked at products for girls. Turns out that ladies have been dealing with shiny-oily skin for generations, and they have a multitude of tried and tested products especially made for them. Remember the little powder case that they would carry around in their bags, and dab on at every occasion? thats what its for: to reduce shine!!

So i recently got myself a transparent compressed powder , and guys, it works!  kills shine all over the scalp, evens out scalp tone, lasts for hours, probably all day if you dont sweat, and is easy to apply.
I have several long and shiny scars in the back of my head, courtesy of the nice "Doctors" who did my plugs years ago, and the |SMP does camouflage them to some degree, but the scar skin is particularly shinier than normal skin.  The powder matting agent kills the shine and makes the scar way less noticeable in direct light.

Just be discreet when pulling out your little powder case and dabbing your noggin in public!


When it comes to make-up, no point in reinventing the wheel , the girls have been doing it since the stone age, so we should look at what they do, they know every trick in the book.

for example, just try a search for "best anti shine face powder transparent" on google, amazon, ebay...


btw, mine  cost me 4 or 5 quid on ebay, free ship.



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I think he means this sort of stuff:


I'll buy some and give it a go. Personally I think talc powder is the best there is, powders in general work best because they give a rougher texture to skin, and that nightmare "glassy" shine is caused by a very smooth oily surface. However talc can tend to make the skin look more pale so a more specific make-up powder might be preferable. 


I still think the holy grail would be a translucent or flesh-coloured talc. 

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Fought with powder in powder cases against shiny skin for a long time. It worked perfectly, but felt always a bit insecure (you know: male, powder case) and was hiding when doing the procedure.


Then I discovered POWDERED OIL CLEAR PAPERS from GATSBY in Japan, bought tons of it and since then I can matt my forehead and scalp even in public without being looked at as weirdo. It’s the top-notch of convenience!!

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