Anyone in NYC want to meet up?

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I'm planning to have SMP done and would like to see it in person on someone

(preferably a pale-ish white guy similar to my complexion) who is happy with their

result. Willing to meet up anywhere convenient in NYC. Please let me know!



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When I did my consult I met with a visiting practitioner who is a black guy with a darker skin tone. It looked very good but I'd still like to

see a white guy with SMP in person. Thanks!

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In the tri state area with a six year old smp ..still looks dam good and I still get a lot of compliments.


Your welcome to contact me if you haven't had the service done of if someone else sees this they can contact me as well.


Just on a lark I'm on a cruise and was talking about how great smp we just went on line during a cup of coffee an hour ago..


Great service guys...just do this smp's been that good ...


Nobody ever knows or even believes it's not just me making the choice to shave my head a guy who has a full head of hair cut down...


Offer stands for anyone who wants to travel to northern Bergen county and buy me either a cup of coffee or a martini..

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