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Smudging after 2nd session.

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Hello I have a dark smudge after taking my 2nd session. It isnt noticable unless i look really close. Its been 2 weeks after 2nd session, just noticed it. Is it just a spot on the scalp that just hasnt faded yet?? if not then what happened and will the 3rd session fix this? thanks


NOTE: ITS VERY SUBTLE but its clearly smudge. i just wanna make sure i can be taken care of. 

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Pic? is visible in a pic?...or too small to see from a camera pic...

It will most likely fade away into a "grey base"...

Maybe no distinct dots in that small spot...but thats okay

Grey base layer is a VERY important part of SMP...and will get blended in the next session

If not, quick hit of a minor setting of a laser will fade that lil spot no problem

Wont even need a touch up of will blend that way as well

Maybe point it out to ur tech..IFFF it doesnt fade away by ur next session

And dont put any darker shade dots on top...or will make it worse

Just maybe a few dots...depending on the size of the spot...and then normal session density around it..that should be fine and blend okay


Some dots shrink and disappear all together

Some fade

And most shrink but remain


You want them to shrink and fade a touch

You dont want the wet dark ink right after a session

Dots are waaayyyy too big and dark

If it healed like that...youd be getting called out from across the street;S

Tiniest dots possible...but yet distinct...but also some faded dots...and also some grey base layer really light dots

Thats how it looks the best IMO

Assorted dots (shades)..until correct density is achieved...(not too dense with the darker shades)

Thats when you run into problems

You can go more dense with the really light fill in any bare scalp/grey base layer issues

But NEVER with the darker shades

Or else the painted on helmet look is what youll get

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