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How to safely tan your scalp after SMP?

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i read is better you always put sun protector 50 or more.

Yes of course sun protection will be used. Was wondering if I had spf 50, and exposed scalp to direct sun 30 mins a day, how long would it take to safely get a tan?

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I live in Mountain View Asianguy, and I would say that it would take several months with SPF 50 on. Once you have had SMP, unfortunately any tanning you receive slowly breaks up the pigments in the dermal layer. The UV radiation from the sun can over a period of time (which will vary for each individual) fade a set of SMP treatments badly. And the tanner (darker) your scalp gets, the less the SMP dots stand out. For this reason, I would suggest not really trying to tan your scalp.

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You should've tanned before ur SMP;S

It wouldn't have taken long at all

Start off very slow on ur pale scalp...15 mins hot direct sunlight during the hot you don't burn

And then see the next day how tanned it is

If its pink...don't go out again for about a week

Do another 15-20 mins again

Then maybe few days later...once more

By should have a base...and be fine to go 30 mins...then 40...then 50 and 60 without burning

Or a few weeks of tanning bed sessions...8 mins to start..then 10, 12, 14, 16....etc

2 sessions a week is the norm

Once you hit 20 mins...ur pretty tanned by then...they'll advise you at the tanning salon when you first get you don't burn

You might get a lil red maaayyybe..but its gone in like 24 hrs..its nothing

Id tan for months before getting SMP...get as dark as possible all over

Then waaayyyy after ur SMP is all done and healed (6+ months later)...if ur scared to try tanning normally...youll have to use sunscreen on ur head...but I wouldn't quit tanning the rest

of ur body in the sun or tanning beds

You cant avoid the sun for the rest of ur life, ha, just cause you got SMP

Id recommend natural sunscreen (zinc oxide cream)...not the usual Coppertone/Banana Boat chemical soup

youtube this PLEASE.....copy and paste

55 min long video...but skip to 40:10 and start watching from there

(It aint gonna kill you to watch the whole thing later if interested in other things)

Trust me..youll thank me

"Dr Glidden Health Webinar about Skin Health & How To Reverse Acne, Sun Burns & Eczema Naturaly"

He shows you SPF ratings and what non-sense they are past SPF 15-20...and what actually causes skin cancer

Id wait a good 6 months or more after ur final SMP ensure full absolute healing/settling...that's what I did...and I tan twice a week usually now...and zero fading for myself

Would I try tanning twice a week in the sun and tanning beds after a few weeks or few months post SMP??...hell no

That's not enough time for any new tattoo to fully heal

I cant say what will happen to anyone else...cause lots don't fade..but lots of others do

Try after 6+ months tanning slowly and easily...and see what happens

See if any fading happens after a few sessions

Only way to know

Few sessions shouldn't erase ur SMP or anything! Ha

It just might "appear" it faded a tiny bit...cause ur pale scalp is now tanned...making the dots stand out a tiny bit less

I wouldn't worry about a few sessions personally...but do what you feel...if you cant live with ur pale scalp after SMP

Only other thing I could think of is...more SMP...but light grey cover the white scalp...but not add any distinct dots................just more grey shadow base

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There's no way to safely do it, I made the mistake of trying to "safely" tan my scalp after my initial treatments and ended up needing a touch up 12 months later (my treatment hasn't changed in the 3 years since). Try out some self-tanners and find one that works on your scalp, use it in conjunction with sun screen. I use sunbeds sparingly (6minutes every 10-14 days) and always wear a rag over my head, facial skin is very thin and you don't really want to be tanning any part of your head if you don't want to look 10 years older than you are. 

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