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Before and After Pics of recent SMP Procedure in Birmingham Clinic

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I have just finished my third SMP session in
Birmingham with Andra and 
must say that i am extremely happy with the
results of my procedure!



I am a 29-year-old male and I have been experiencing hair loss
since the age of 20. From researching hair loss solutions over the past number
of years, nothing ever really appealed to me as a real solution to my hair loss
concerns, that is until I found HIS hair clinic. I have to say that the service
I have received from HIS hair clinic has been 100% and the quality of product 
is remarkable.



My journey started around 6 weeks ago when I met #### for a free
consultation to discuss the procedure. During this consultation #### spoke to
me about the process of the procedure, how SMP works, aftercare
guidelines, cost and any remaining questions I had regarding the process. A
week after this I was due to have my first SMP session, however, due to
unforeseen circumstances I could not attend this appointment. HIS hair clinic were 
extremely accommodating to my
circumstances and provided me with a new appointment as soon as possible. I was
extremely grateful to them for not only fitting me in so quickly again after
having to cancel but also for the empathy that they showed towards me in
difficult circumstances.



During my first procedure, Andra and myself discussed what type of shade and
density i wished for and how i wished my new hairline to look.
Andra then drew my new hairline with a white marker and started with a patch
test on the top of my head. Andra then continued with the procedure over the
rest of my head, ensuring to spend extra time on the trickier horseshoe loop at
the back of my head. This first procedure lasted about 3 hours with a couple of
breaks in between. I felt so relaxed and at ease in this session that i felt next to no pain at all from
the procedure and the time flew by. One week later i went back for my second procedure
with Andra where she filled in gaps between the dots from the first procedure
and blended pigmentation into my existing hair. Three weeks after this i went back to Andra for my third
session. This session enabled Andra to access whether much fading had occurred
over a longer period and whether a darker pigment would be needed. My pigment
had faded slightly from session 2 to 3, mainly on the horseshoe area and the
hairline, so Andra spent extra time addressing these areas and using a slightly
darker pigment so it would blend effectively.



I have to say that Andra is a brilliant practitioner who really
cares about providing the best design possible for the client. I found Andra to
be extremely accommodating to my wishes, particularly regarding the shape of my
hairline and she couldn't have done more to reassure me and put me at ease. I
would 100% recommend Andra to anybody thinking about having SMP at HIS
hair; you won't be disappointed with the results!



Below have provided pictures of before
my first treatment, after my first treatment, after my second treatment, and
after my third treatment. Some of these pictures were taken a day after each
treatment so will appear darker as the pigment fades slightly over a number of
weeks. I only had my third treatment last week so i will upload further pictures
in the coming weeks of my head so you can see how it has settled. Also for
anybody reading this who is still thinking about whether this procedure is for
them i would say 100% to go for it and
you won't regret it!




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