Another dating experience with SMP. Both good and bad.

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Those demands you speak of Mr Fence are also highly age dependent. Many hot younger woman in their 20s expect Mr Tall, Dark, Handsome and Rich. The funny thing is that if you see these women in their 40s, their boyfriends or husbands are often very average folks. Age and time are the great equalizers. This will come as no surprise to you, but most of the really hot girls I remember from high school don't look so good now, and more than one or two nerdy little girls have blossomed into truly intelligent and very good looking women in their 40s. And if I read body language correctly, they seem to have no qualms at all about dating a decent looking man with a shaved head. And truth be told, would you want to date (or screw) someone who had to have a husband who had a certain hair design, or who drove a specific model of car, who lived in a specific neighborhood? That is what you see on some crap reality show like the Real Housewives, but then most of those couples cannot even keep up the fake facade for long, and they almost always end up in divorce. Something to consider...

Of course it's common sense that IN GENERAL the older women (and men for that matter) get, the less superficial qualities in a person are important to them.


The funny thing is though that the youngest girl I've dated since being single (the 23 yr old) cared the least about my shaved head. It's been other women (late 20s and up to 38) that have made comments about my choice to shave my head. From the one this thread is about making he ultimatum that I grow my hair back to date her, to the 38 year old who tried to shame me "oh it makes you look like you're in your 40s." And a few in between who made the disguised comment of "I think you look better with hair" in other words you want me to grow it out right?


So yes, it's obvious that older people begin to care less about trivial things like "model like" appearance, but it's certainly not an absolute rule.

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If you're a Norwood 7 I find it really odd your girlfriend never wonders why you never let it grow out even a couple days. If on the other hand you still have some growth and can let it grow a little longer I could see how it might not be questioned by someone your around everyday for 2 years.

You have to remember you're a balding man. So your obsessed with hair (like the rest of us I'm not calling you out). As hard as it may be for you to try to imagine but other people just might not care about it as much. Yes you're probably right that at some point most women would ask to let it grow out a little. And hopefully before that point you trust the person enough to have told them the truth.


But it's not impossible to meet someone who just likes you for other reasons than what's going on on top of your head. And they might have simply accepted that you like to shave your head and never think twice about it.


I can't wait for you to get your SMP HonestDiscussion, assuming you just aren't trolling the forum. And I hope you get a really good treatment because it'll be a pleasure to see the turn around in your attitude. I kno I know, you're only "being honest." But really, you're missing out the more you delay and scrutinize every little possible detail. SMP has its pros and cons like anything else. But the pros outweigh the cons by far. And obviously, regardless of how much you claim otherwise, your hair loss situation bothers you to a relatively big degree. Otherwise you wouldn't be here picking away at every post.


My advice to you at this point, start researching practitioners. Whatever locations are near you got and scope out and find out who the practitioners are. See if you can see as many examples of their work as possible. A lot of people disagree with me because they are brand loyal, but the single most important factor you control is WHO puts the follicles on your head.

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