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4 sessions done November 2015 FUE SMP

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Hello! Been lurking these forums back and forth in the past year(s?) and figured it was time for myself to get some insight, I am very protective about my secrecy and know this should probably be posted on the Swedish forums but figured the British or American would have more readers and also no stalker friends eventually finding my thread like the nerds they can be. (lol far-fetched I know :P)


Anyhow I am very pleased about my procedures and wish to thank HIS for doing a great job and accepting me at this age.

3 years ago I went ahead and got myself a FUE HT to my temples and after a year of anxious waiting I was seeing the end result, needless to say I was very disapointed and depressed because of my broken dreams.

Found out about SMP through some googling and after ALOT of research I went for it, going in with the idea that having hair where I was going to cover would only add to the realism. Well, it does -to the touch.

However I am at unease with how the recieving donor area looks because of the deep insections, the hairs are as it usually goes, sparse, thick and darker, also grows way faster. 

I read something about Bio oil/micro-needling/ Mesotherapy and wish for some insight?


At the moment it looks good right after the shave (with some moisturising skin lotion) but I wish to fix the uneven skin which the hairs grow out of, alternative would be to take them out altogether if thats what it takes to fix it. Really hoping 

there is an answer to this. 


Also its mostly 1 side that's bothering me, which also seemed to suck alot of ink, some serious fading between sessions. The skin is easily red if touching/pressing against it and softer on that side. 

Will try to take pictures outside in the sunlight, so far its different lightning im the most afraid of as it really stands out in certain lights. 



Best of luck to you all, you are not alone and may you never develop BDD  :ph34r: seriously tho.. nothing to joke about




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To smooth the skin use fraxel laser. If that side sucked the ink the skin is probably scarred and needs smoothing.


If the hair is creating the roughness you don't like you should probably laser but be careful as too strong can scar the scalp. Then you would need fraxel to smooth the skin.


How many grafts did you have done? What size punch? Any donor scars? Luckily smp suits modern micro fue scars quite well when you get a good practitioner


Your treatment looks good from the pictures

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Hello again, figured we would speak on the thread aswell so others can find the information they need. 
I had 800 grafts (way to low). They spoke fondly of their "smallest needle" size 0.5 - 0.75mm but Im not too sure thats not just a fraud seeking to lure more customers to them.
They were notorious for exchanging nurses as they couldn't stand working there for too long with alot of worrying patients calling after a year simply getting the answer that it didn't take well on them (sure it can happen but shouldn't be a dominant percentage of the clientele), that they need another, or would need to wait even longer. Also impossible to get a hold of the doctor himself, always with a patient or not there. 
My pictures here doesn't do justice, I will try to take a photo in daylight in the nearest days, but heres my issue as to whether what to do:
I shave on the evening rather close to going to bed with a Phillips Shaver Series 3000, it's cheap I know (was recommended for the straight-line rotary blades by my practitioner) 
then another quicker shave on the temples and front in the morning before going to work. But it is still looking very artificial and odd by the time I get home 10 hours later, maybe even earlier.
What I'm not sure of is whether I can get away with just smoothing the "chicken skin effect" or if I actually have to take out the transplants since its really the hairs that looks strange and out of place. 
Also after fraxel, is there a need for a retouch of SMP? Or does it do no harm to the tattoo itself (wondering since laser is what you erase a tattoo with aswell).
At the moment I can't have it as it is since Im not able to adapt to shaving more often than I already am, or is shaving with a razor the solution? Kinda like having the sandpaper feel to it.. 
Picture from the back taken by my brother who says it's only somewhat noticable when leaning forward, since it stretches out the skin. Personally havn't given much thought about my neck, it is not undetectable but my focus lays on the front, damn the pictures are really small when posted here. 




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I was able to snap some photo's outside yesterday, my phone took much better pictures than my Ipad, the last photo is from the Ipad for a somewhat comparison.

I took a bunch and only included the ones that showed the most of my troubled areas as it looks like in person/the mirror.


This is approx 11hours, (30min after coming home from work) since i shaved the front area in the morning, I drew the line on the second last photo to point that out but it's safe to say you can see the lenght difference anyway, the back and sides are roughly 10 hours before that making it 21hour growth. The only way I can think of to shave closer is with a razor. Close after that I would normally be taking a shower and shave the whole head but it can't be this obvious before shaving everyday.


Im really in the dim here and it's taking its toll on me.

I went with a conservative hairline to follow up the implanted hairs and also to be able to live on without having a baby's low hairline which I've never had since I've always thought I had a big forhead, which I do.

I've not yet turned 25 and I want this to be the solution for moving on with my life not worrying about losing hair or looking 15 years older than I am.

Im not looking for perfection since that would be hair, but rather for someone who's not enlightened about SMP/had SMP themselves to notice anything unless you tell them about it, to notice anything strange/odd looking going on.



We're a minority here who's had FUE first and Im afraid those who have -have long been gone from the forums and lives on without checking in on the website.

Some have done it with knowledge of getting SMP first and adapting it for SMP and maybe thats a better option to get it good right off the bat. But that's however not my story.


Hoping for some insight or experience, is it also okay to post the thread on the american forums for more people to see? Seeing Im not even on my nationalitys forum.
I've also tested milk of magnesia for some shine-proof but didn't think it did much for me. Im still living underneath my hat and I wish to someday burn it.. and with it my anxiety.





ALL answers are highly appreciated, I checked out fraxel on the web, but can it really do all that for me?











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