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Hey all. I am currently 3 days post session number 2 and I'm feeling very down, which I wasn't expecting.


I had my first treatment which went really well, I actually loved the result. Although the first session is fairly 'dotty' I loved the subtle change and was extremely excited for the second.


The second session has really effected me in a way I wasn't expecting. I think the actual result is really good and just like I have seen during my research. The trouble is I feel like the look is a little too harsh (dark and defined) compared to what I wanted to achieve. I know this is early days and I presume the look will settle but I have no idea how much? Should I expect it to lighten up and soften?


HIS have not done anything wrong I think it's more of a psychological shock I wasn't expecting.


I'm not quite sure who to talk to but the way I feel is not good.

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