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Test Patch - Beneficial for Session Strategy?

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Just finished Hatinghats 20 page ball rolling thread. Very enlightening. I was particularly interested in how the fading and dot density issues were covered. Based on his experience and logic (if I followed correctly) there could be substantial benefit if some metrics could be established from a test patch to gauge bleeding and fading so that a prospective first session could start from an optimized point in terms of ink shade and maybe other parameters such as needle pressure.


I understand that a test patch is not necessary and in fact not practical for many clients but on balance would a practitioner and client benefit to a significant and worthwhile degree if test patching were performed and evaluated during the test for bleeding and after say a month or two for fading?


If this were the case I would consider getting two, one on the scalp along the edge of the horseshoe and another in the fut scar. Considering that my goal would be scar camoflouge and only enough on top to blend in with the grafts maybe it could save a session and reduce the chances of the dot density exceeding the "blur limit" if it turns out I'm a heavy bleeder, big fader or both. Or on balance would it most likely be unproductive?

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