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Considering SMP on Scar only. 4 questions

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Hello all. Thank you in advance for the support.


I have a hair transplant scar that I would like to have covered with SMP. I have 2 questions. 

- What length do I have to keep my existing hair so that the SMP looks the same. How do patients go about keeping their hair this length? Does it require buzzing your hair every night, etc? what if I let the existing hair grow for 4 days, does the SMP then look very odd?
- I have read that you should always keep sunscreen on the SMP. If I only SMP the scar, wouldn't this keep the scar a lighter completion than the rest of my head? If so, obviously the solution is to apply sunscreen to my entire head, but I do tan well, and if I buzz my head, would assume I would tan eventually, so wouldn't want the SMP to stick out as a white area. 
Thanks again. 

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Here are two pictures of the two long you manage your expectations and realize that it will never be 100% gone, you will be fine. I am happy with the outcome and will continue to touch up, as needed.


Let me know if you have any other questions....


Good luck!!


That looks very good.

Did yiou treated the scar previous the SMP?

Is the SMP in the scar only or in the back of your head also?

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