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First session done in HK

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I'll like to share my first SMP session with you all, as is this forum that gave me the confidence to go ahead with HIS. 


My hair line started to creep back about 18 months ago, and it really got me down. Found out about SMP while searching on the web. As I live and work over here in the Far east, I was thrilled to find out HIS is in Hong Kong. Done all my research as one does, and found out (pracxtitioner named, deleted) is an ace practitioner.


Here's my before pics




After pics to follow.

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Went back for my second session.




These were taken just before the second session. I think it's hels really well for the first session.




Just after the second session. I can't believe the transformation. Thank you HIS, especially the brilliant practitioner (practitioner named, deleted). Dame, I can't mention his name, but you all know who it is anyway.


If you're still on the fence, jump over it, take the plunge. I did, and I love it!!!


Can't wait until it settles down, so I can be my real self again :)

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