Finished Photos- San Francisco Location

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Apologies to all. I have PM'd Jonnie a personal apology as I can see the rule must be particularly frustrating for him. Rules is rules though. Without wanting to press any buttons, I hope the format for removal is some sort of improvement...leaving the message as close to the original as possible,


Jonnie was also invited to contact Ian Watson directly (email address provided) to see what can be done directly for him by the business.

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Oops...sorry...I didn't realize there was a rule for not using names.  


I need some guidance please. 


I was told via an email I received to check out that specific person's work from the San Francisco office on the forum but there are only three photos. And I'm not even sure that it's the person in San Francisco's work because there are a few gentleman with the same version of his first name represented in the forum. So, how exactly will we get to see more photos of his work before the procedure is scheduled?


I appreciate any direction you can give me!

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Explanation of the blank start to this thread. As per my earlier post here I wrote directly to Jonnie to apologise for having to enforce the no naming of practitioners rule. I gave him contact details for Ian Watson to see what might be done for him but I also offer to take down his post if he requested... on the grounds that removing the name of the practitioner kind of removed the point of his post.,  


Jonnie has replied and asked that I take it down... which I couldn't do without removing the entire thread and deleting several other posts. Hence the deletion of his text instead.


Hope that clarifies.


Thanks all



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