How to stop the mentioning war lol

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Here is suggestion that some smp companies do


HIS should make a page with all locations and a picture of the practitioners who work at those locations and pictures of their work.

This way they can see results and styles the different practitioners can create. This way they all shine and don't cry about not getting recognized.

Other smp companies do it and so do tattoo shops (i know they don't like smp to be referred to a tattoo but putting pigment in skin is technically a tattoo)


If HIS is not afraid to this is it would be helpful for potential clients to decide. Even tho they still may travel to another location further from a closer one

to them based on the results they see its still their decision and you can't feel like the forum is pushing them to a certain location which is what ED is making it sound like.

If they don't do its because they are not confident with all their practitioners results which is my opinion.


Your thoughts?

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Sorry Pitbull.


I have actually covered both your suggestions and critiques in the two lengthy topics that already exist on this subject, and where you have already contributed... with the exception of my directing people to certain clincs. That is exactly what I am doing - their local one! Wherever that may be.


So I am locking this topic... no need for a third. 

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