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Considering SMP, have a few questions.

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I'm 23 and considering SMP, I have seen 1 example in real life and it was phenomal but the person who had it done still had a lot of hair.
I have some questions if that's ok.
Is it GUARRANTEED that you're head won't go blue/green in the future?
How will it look after various touch ups in the future?
I've never seen an example of SMP after a few years faded, does anyone have a photo?
How much would laser removal treatment cost if I wanted it removed?
What light settings do you think SMP looks best and worst under?
How do you make your head not shine? Or do you have to accept its going to shine in certain situations?
I live in Scotland is there anyone willing who had SMP and is willing to meet up?
If someone was to have 3 sessions, how long roughly after the first session would the SMP look at its best? Basically how long does it take for the dots to shrink?
Hopefully you can give me some answers to my questions!

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I had mine done around September 2011 so it's been just over 4 years for me now and i have joined a new job recently, people keep asking me why I don't leave it grow because they can see i have a hairline and that I am not properly bold like the other properly bold guys in the office.. which means it must be still very good for people to think that?


My only issue after those 4 years is the level of shiny/greasy head I get. I normally shave every day now because i am used to it and because if you pay good attention you can spot that hairs are growing on the side and not the top after just one day when before when i first got it done it I could get away with longer than a day!


I still am happy with my decision to get it done but it will never be a substitute for hair sadly so there are always days when I wish I had hair to style it and do different things but you have to understand that you're stuck with that look for years.. not that you have many options if you've gone bald.


I have never really thought about it much but you raise a good question about removing it because in 5 years time I am assuming my beard will start going white and it'll start to look a bit strange that my head is still black so I was hoping with time it will fade. I can't see myself being bothered to shave my head every day when i reach my 60's or so if i live that long. I am 33 though right now so still have 30 years to enjoy this treatment. To be honest I have considered doing a top up in the last year or so and might do so next year..

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