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Photo Consultation - help

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I'm yet to get a response from the good people at His Hair, since their system apparently went down a while back so I'll post it on here, in hopes of getting a response from either them or my fellow forum members on about how much money I'll be spending on this procedure. I'm 25 years old and I want a natural hairline.


Thanks in advance for all the help everyone!



•Have you had a hair transplant?: No


•How long have you been losing your hair?: About 5 years


•Are you currently using any hair loss products such as a hair system, medication/lotions?: No


•How often do you cut your hair?: Every 2 days





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I'd say you're looking at 2 or 3 sessions. Probably somewhere around the £2500 mark, if three. But HIS will give you a price after a consultation.

You've still got more hair than I had, and with it cropped down already and the colour of your hair I'd say it would both suit you and not to be too noticeably different for people who know your look to spot the difference.

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Thanks everyone for the advice and help. Yes, I've recieved my quote and am hoping maybe a physical consultation would give a hopefully lower price.


Keep in mind, that even before going bald, I've always had a naturally huge forehead with a receded-type of look, so I don't want to stray too far my my old natural hairline. Hopefully, that would help lower the price as well, since I'm broke. lol


Let me get some pics together, Pit bull so we can get a realistic idea of the outcome.


Close to 4 grand is steep for me, where I've seen videos of people with way more work done for no more than 2.5 grand

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