Amazing fix job/(practitioner named, deleted) /Nyc scar

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So my journey started last March and before smp my life was hiding under a hat with multiple scars from a butcher hair transplant doctor.So I started to research SMP and I came across another provider and thought that going to a (American Provider) was best.boy was I wrong.My journey was disappointing,the guy from the company HE?&$XXX was extremely RUDE And acted like his shit don't stink,,but he did have his business partner who was nice to me ,did not even talk me through the process .I felt like I was a bother to him.And as you can see by the pictures ,there was bad blending and looked like a straight line..So fast forward to last week and 2 sessions with the master (practitioner named) at HIS/NYC..boy I am happy to of had a pleasurable experience with him.He talked me through every step,made me comfortable,knew exactly what I was looking for,,(practitioner named) is a true artist and my scars are flawless now and wish I made the move to HIS before I did the other provider..I will post some pics -God bless






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The difference is great. Nobody will ever stare or ask you a question ever again. How many HT have you had? They really went for you. The surgeon who allowed that to happen is an animal and nothing else. It was your money he was concerned about and not your future health or happiness. Anyhow, it's all over now and good luck in the future. I wish you well. Thanks for sharing.

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