First session coming up in Chicago on Sept. 11

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Yah, gotta get the whole SMP treatment

Only way to flawlessly blend everything together


The last comment is BS. Only doing the scar is the most cautious approach for people who have been burned by getting a HT, especially if you don't care about having hair on top - if you are unhappy with the scar coverage regrow the hair back and other than $$$ your situation is no worse.


Larry32 - with only having the scar done you have the option of playing around with the length you keep your hair. does it look any better using a foil razor or 0 guard clipper cut rather than wet shaving? It may blend better. 

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"If you dont care about hair on top"??................then why does anyone get a HT done in the first place?? Ha

That made no sense brother


Obviously it bothered him enough to pay crazy HT money...and go through pain...and scarring, and healing time, etc

Im sure that feeling just didnt go away


Was just saying it can look better with the full SMP treatment

Easier to blend when the whole head is done

Wont be as noticeable as now

Pretty sure I seen a video on here of someone with HT scars...and he got the full treatment...and barely notice it


Found it...his name is John...first page of the videos

At the 3:04 mark...side can barely see it...cause having the top and sides done make the whole head look better

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Cutlass.. you would be surprised at how many former HT clients arrive to us no longer bothered about the hair on top... they have given up on it. But the absence of that hair on top, often with some additiional recession of the rest of their hair since the transplant, means their scars have become highly visible. So they come to HIS wanting only to camouflage the scar. So while you may be right that a complete treatment is a more effective camouflage than just treating the scar it is not for everyone.

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