Befor and After ~~~Thank you JT

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HI eveyone


i finish my 1 treatment on this thursday


johnathan do a great job on my head


he put so many tiny dots


its look like really hair


befor the treatment i m very worry about the dot will be big


couse i read someones pics they are complain the dots was big not reality


but johnathan do very great job ~he is artist make dot so real


and make a new me really thank you X 100000000000000times


also wanna thanks eveyones here ~you share the information ~pics ~ stories ~


befor the flight to hk ~i still thinking is that worth to do smp ?


couse i only see hishair web video picS ~~~didnt meet anyone real ~~


but i m happy now finally  i do the right desion ~


now i m worry about after the treatment to back airport i m sweat a lot


i hope everything will be fine


(((( i still cant put my pics here ~so i use a blog ~~~the password is  hishair     )))))      <<----------------my pic



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MTS, I'm from Oz and went to HK and saw Jonathan on 3 separate occasions. Highly recomended with Jonathan your in good hands.


Try to stay in Mong Kok where the clinic is located, lots of cheap accommodation options and your in the main hub.

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