Just finished third procedure in NY

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Thanks for posting.  Well done on being proactive and putting this nightmare behind you.  It has also caused me endless pain.  Its inevitable that many people will ask you for some photos, so if you have any to share it would mean everything.  Kind regards.

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Hello there..


I can relate to what you were saying..


First off,,, congrats man!!  Yes Jon G is a super cool guy and artist/technicain.. lil tidbit Jon G writes some great tunes on the guitar as well..

and i hear Graig ,, also a master technician was named after the yankee legend Graig Nettles.. very cool stuff.!


 I just had about 3 scars done last week..

I was lucky to have Graig , on my first session  and Jon G  on my 2nd session..  I found both of them to be easy to talk too which was great..

It was so pro of them to collaborate with each other on my concerns and expectations and

I thank them ,, so appreciative.


I was telling them that  they are soooooo  lucky to be doing artistic work that literally changes peoples lives.. what a great feeling  ! 


they are the true rockstars !!

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