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Fraxel Laser Treatment - recommend/discourage?

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I'm new to the forums and have tried searching through the discussions but without much luck. I was wondering if anyone could help with information on fraxel laser treatments on HT scars?


I had SMP done at HIS about 5 years ago and although I love the work they done unfortunately I still get hung about about my HT scar (I have the long scar along back of the head)

I think maybe because the scar is 'indented' (depressed line against my head) it looks even more obvious.


I was wondering if anyone has had it done? Would recommend/discourage the treatmment? Also can it be done after SMP treatment or would it damage the work already done?


Any information would be highly appreciated as I feel I'm get more and more desperate. I'm from the Midlands area in the UK so i'm not familiar (if any) of the places this can be done locally.


Many thanks for your help...Scott

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Fraxel can sometimes help with indented scars, however you need to see a specialist before you make any decision. They may recommend dermal fillers instead.


There is zero information available about the effect that fraxel may have on an existing SMP treatment. The worst case scenario I guess is that the pigment may appear faded and require a corrective SMP session.

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