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I totally agree with hbk it looks crap for most of us with any growth, it will look faded and stand out like a sore thumb, I was scared about shaving it down smooth, I do it with a razor ( not to sharp) before bed. Next day looks mint and the next, 2 days max then shave it again, after 3 days I think it looks as if the treatment as faded but it ain't soon as I shave it off it looks mint again. You definitely need to shave it mega low, it will be undetectable if you do. Good luck

I can live with BIC'ing every 2 days :-)

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I am in your boat guardian, with the horseshoe look. I always wet shave, have been for years and don't plan on using a buzzer ever again once my second treatment begins on Monday. Send a pic of you after a wet shave on the sides and back.

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