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Rom an

Paranoia??? Nah enjoy it nobody cares!

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I have no doubt that there are undetectable treatments, as to the reversability...


and I echo kojak's remarks about the excessive darkness, mine was plagued by that same issue.


choosing a hairline that not only suits the person in the short run but also in the long one us is also mandatory for it to age properly.


that said, some skin types (those that require anti shine multiple times a day) should be given a more sparse density, so the glare difference between the 'follicled' areas and tattoo is explained - seen this happen to norwood1s after a fresh shave.


the texture someone spoke of is achievable if a top surgeon harvests some follicles, and places them without any scarring - just to achieve a slight stubble feel (but I think it would be a lenghthy process, just brainstorming).

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