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another canadian going with smp !

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Good Day ! I hope everyone is doing good.


After lurking the online forums and seeing everybody's SMP results, I have decided to take a plunge and go ahead with SMP procedure..I have booked my session on March 14th at Toronto clinic. HIS customer service  mentioned to me that my practitioner will most probably be Dave and after seeing Dave's work on some guys in this forum,  I feel that I am in the good hands. 

 I have some questions before the treatment just to make sure that i am not missing anything


1. Do I have to take any precautions before my treatment like putting anything on my head, grow hairs upto some extent so my practitioner can figure out what shades to use which will match my hair follicle, etc ?


2. Should I wet shave on that day or just use trimmer to trim my hair ?


Please let me know if I am missing anything else. Any other advise is always welcome.

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Windy to be honest you dont really have to do anything..when i first went to the clinic a few years ago i turned up with my silly thinning haircut and they cut my hair or rather shaved it while i was would be a good idea to cut it really short before you get there to save time in the chair..

Also the night before your following treatments,shave your head also to save time in the treatment chair mate..

You can start moistorising your head prior but i never as i dident particularly have a dry scalp..

Also before treatments make sure your well fed and watered and it can turn into a long day..

Good luck

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You can get away with doing nothing, I didn't do anything before my first session and was fine. BUT if you moisturise your scalp and get it in good condition before the 1st it will make the pigment stay better and probably make it less painful.

I don't think there's anything else that hasn't been said apart from if you have a good idea of what look you're after maybe have a picture as an example but they will help you if not anyway.

Good luck man!

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