SMP - Allergy?

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Hello. I have gone through 2 sessions of SMP. They went completely fine. However around 5-7 days after the second session, I started to itch all over my body. (Not anything special on head, actually not even itching at all on head) however it is really unbearable. So I have been on Zyrtec (anti histamine) to combat the itching since.


I still got the itching and havent been to a doctor yet. But is this anything that would indicate allergy towards SMP? I mean I didn't get any reaction after the first session. but a week or so after the second session. Also the itching isn't specially on my head, more like palms, legs, hips, chest, back etc. Also I get really red and some white "rising" in the skin.


So of course I hope it isnt SMP.

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Yeah, I mean I got it a week after the second session, I would think that if it was any kind of allergic reaction, it would occur immideiately, or very soon after the first session.


Been in a stressfull period with lack of sleep and stuff, and after googling the symptoms (never a good idea :P), stress seems to be a reason for why it can occur. Not contacted HIS over this, hoping it will eventually go over, going to see a doctor if it doesn't in 1-2 weeks.

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