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Looking good Will, your saying Dave did your treatments, but when I went for my consult in Toronto they said Graig was going to be working out of the Toronto clinic. Are they both there?



Yep Dave did mine.

While I was there he was also training a new guy named Kyle. I never heard of Graig before tho.


When was your consultation?

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Had my 2nd session yesterday and it went super well again :)


We used shade #14 this time and lowered my hairline of about a 1cm like I wanted

I sticked to my plan of having a treatment as natural as possible that will pass the test of time and stay undetectable :)


Both of my sessions only took 2 hours or so cause I was almost falling asleep during it and we did whole sessions with no pause

Also Dave told me I might not need a 3rd session cause I already have the density of 3 treatments
But everything can change and we'll see in a month or 2 how it goes and if a 3rd is needed, so I'm good for now!





I had about 1 days+ growth when I did my 2nd session which is probably too long so I'll take some pictures when I 1st shave in a couple days

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Dude, looks awesome!! You honestly look a lot better than before, not that before was that bad. Its just bald with fair skin and black hair can be a tough look to pull off well. The treatment looks great man, I assume you are happy with it??

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~3 weeks now


It's still not all settled well completly, I still have some darker patchy spots that bothers me


I'll wait some more time (1/2months) and book for 3rd session


Overall and the front particularly is looking pretty good tho

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