My HT scar camouflage process

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Hi, I am considering a SMP treatment on my bold head, also on my scars after a HT.

I am attaching some photos (before treatment) and hopefully you guys can convince me to do this. I have been in touch with Gothenburg and set up a time in august 14.







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Hi mate, as far as strip scars go that doesn't look too bad. To be honest you'll probably not get it 100% invisible but by the look of it it won't be far off. I'd go for it, especially if you're keeping your hair that short anyway

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You have some really good scars there, in comparison to some of the scars i have seen. You should get decent results, maybe about 3-4 sessions intially to get some decent coverage and scar camouflage. Please do have a look here to see whats possible: http://www.hishairclinic.com/category/scars-case-studies/


Any other questions you have..please ask B)

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