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Hi everyone, I completed 2 sessions with Jonathan Tang in Hong Kong 2 weeks ago now, and I went in for assessment this morning, possible 3rd treatment. But as the photo shows below, it's really holding up well after 2 sessions, so JT told me to leave it for another month to settle further before coming back my next assessment. 


I followed a few guys who's had it done in Hong Kong with JT, and it's there result that I really wanted. They seems to have a more natural results, with believable dot size. I wanted my treatment to look natural, to blend in with my existing buzzed down hair, definitely not darker, because buzzed or shaved down heads is a shade of gray, even though my hair is get black. 


JT has done an amazing job, it's turned out 10 times better than I imagined, even after just 2 sessions. But Jonathan did say that everyone is different, and the natural process of fading happens at different levels for each individual person. Thanks a million JT!!!  :D


Here are some photos from my first session...








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